A small showcase of compositions by our members, played at San Francisco Bay Nacusa Concerts in recent years. Click on the buttons below to access the composer biography, recording of the piece and program notes.




Players (Performance Date)

Lori Jensen, violin, and Libby Kardontchik, piano. (2013)
Ives Collective. Susan Freier, violin, Stephen Harrison, cello and Lori Lack, piano. (2017)

Sarita Cannon, soprano, the Divisa Ensemble. Tomiko Tsai, Flute Adrienne Malley, oboe Eugenia Wie, violin Stephanie Ng, viola Sara Styles, violoncello. (2014)

Mikako Endo, piano. (2013)

Serenade Choir, Brian Baker conducting. (2018)

Janet Popesco Archibald and Robin May, oboes, Jose Gonzalez Granero and Joanne Eisler, clarinets, Larry Ragent and Alicia Telford, horns, Dan MacNeill and Shawn Jones, bassoons. (2014)

Leslie Chin, Flute David Miller, Soprano Saxophone Kate Walsh, Bassoon Davish Karamchandani, Vibraphone, Percussion. (2019)

Craig Ketter, piano. (2014)

Serenade Choir, Brian Baker conducting. (2018)